The SELECTION range of quality Timber Flooring is part of the TAYA Group which is one of the largest global Manufacturers of quality timber products.       We offer an exciting range of super durable pre-finished Solid and Engineered flooring in world renowned Australian hardwood species together with many of the world’s most beautiful species. We have also released an exciting new range of super tough wearing Water resistant Laminate Flooring to meet the various demands of the market.                                                                                                                                                  

Our innovative Engineered and Solid Hardwood Floor products are of superior quality as compared to much of the comparable product currently available on today’s market and delivers many years of low maintenance trouble free use.

Scientific tests show that the our 100% timber flooring is stronger and more durable than many of our Competitors product that substitutes reconstituted timber and  will last for years to come and fully meet your particular application requirements.   

These tests confirmed that the exclusive diamond-surface pre-finishing of timber flooring provides approximately 3 times the durability that is obtained from the more traditional style of pre-finished Timber flooring.   Our Water-Resistance Laminate has been developed and extensively tested and we are proud of the fact that it is quality approved.                           .           

The pre-finish applied to our products is extremely durable and will generally outlast the more traditional method of sanding and hand finishing flooring after it has been laid. Our process is not only harder and more durable but provides you with real savings in the overall cost of your flooring and substantially reduces the time of installation                                             .

We have commenced to develop water-proof flooring and once completed, this innovation will herald a new era of timber flooring. Just another example of our total commitment to providing our valued customers with Products that fully meet their requirements and opens the way for the successful use of timber flooring in wet areas such as kitchen-sand and bathrooms without the fear of shrinkage and expansion due to water and humidity.                                                 .

Your decision to choose a product from the SELECTION range of Timber Flooring will reward you with a beautiful durable solution for many years to come backed up by the 25 years Warranty that is included with all of our products.                     

There are 5 good reasons to choose from the SELECTION range of Timber Flooring Products:
Guaranteed State-of-the-Art Quality
Guaranteed Best Price on any comparable product
A Guarantee of Excellent service & after sales backup
Guarantee of Environmental Benefits
Guarantee of Satisfaction in Performance

Excellent reasons to choose SELECTION quality timber flooring products to enhance the beauty and value of your Home, Office or Retail premises.