Our High-Tech Specifications

How do you create a genuine wood floor of unsurpassed strength and beauty that requires minimum maintenance? It is a difficult conundrum that we have spend many years to achieve a real solution – not simply words. The combination of our high-tech manufacturing processes and the development of our new “WITCHCRAFT” – Diamond Surface which is exclusive to the Our Selection Range delivers an “anti-scratch” property that makes our flooring up to 3 times more durable than the traditional timber flooring currently available on the market by our Competitors. Recent Laboratory Tests have confirmed that the OUR SELECTION range of quality timber flooring with Diamond Surface has the durability to withstand a range of harsh conditions, making it ideal for almost any residential or commercial application.


Usually, the solid and engineered wooden floors are finished by 6 ordinary UV coats; the diamond surface is covered by more than 15 coasts which contain carborundum and other wearing materials. Testing by the authoritative institute, the wearing degree of our products is more than 7500 that correspond to AC3 which is European standard (EN438) for the laminate floorings.