Solid Hardwood Floor

Our Solid Hardwood Floor comes 18.5mm in thickness and a board width of 90mm and 120mm are milled from a single piece of finest quality Australian hardwood and many of the world’s most beautiful species. It is pre-finished and includes our unique locking system to ensure easy installation.

Super-Engineered Timber Floor

Our Engineered wood consists of multi-layers of ply-wood, that are assembled and glued in a cross-ply construction in European traditions with “Diamond-Surface” coating on the top layer, and we assure that our products meet the requirement of our global customer satisfaction by using only new technology and high quality materials.

Our Engineered Floor range has a moisture content of 6-10% which is suitable in the natural environment of climate. In order to improve our product quality further, our Engineered Flooring will develops to water resistance or waterproof.

Water-Resistance Laminate

Water-Resistance Laminate is the latest quality flooring innovation that undergoes special treatment to prevent the floor from expanding and shrinking under environmental factors and moisture levels. This innovation will open up a new flooring era in which hardwood floors could be installed in various spaces of housing and construction in a wide variety of applications.

1.Highly wear resistant top layer
2.Decorative layer
3.Top HDF based with wax seal four sides
4.Moisture resistant balancer bottom layer