Installation above ground level is recommended. If below ground level then no responsibility is accepted for moisture and expansion of the wood and this warranty does not apply.


Hardwood solid or engineered floors increase the value of your home and enhance its beauty. Hardwood has many unique features created by nature. These are not imperfections. Prior to installation, the installer must make sure that the sub-floor is structurally sound and complies with the Building Standard requirements. Floors are to be installed as the last item in a structure and the structure must be closed from the weather and dry before commencing. Final grade, manufacturing, finish quality check and approval of product before installation remains the sole and joint responsibility of owner and installer, even if owner is absent at time of installation. Installer must exercise sound judgment [common sense] before and during installation; strips showing any glaring defects or imperfections must be trimmed and used in hidden places or not used at all. Once nailed or glued down in place, any strip is considered as having been accepted by installer and owner. When in doubt, installer should not install any strip showing visible manufacturing defects, if unable to use in hidden places or trim imperfection.


This WARRANTY is provided for all floors supplied by us that are installed in accordance with the
Instructions provided. It does not apply to any floor that is not installed in accordance with the instructions.
We warrant to that our pre-finished hardwood floors used in domestic applications against any manufacturing defects caused by improper milling, grading, staining, and coating and undertake that our pre-finished hardwood floors will remain free from defects in milling, dimension and grading for as long as the original purchaser owns the residence provided that it is installed in normal environmental conditions in accordance with the installation instructions and maintained in accordance with the instructions. Normal environmental conditions mean that air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems should be designed to maintain interior relative humidity level of the air in the room between 40% to 80% all year round. Whenever this warranty is applicable, our liability is limited to supplying replacement pre-finished hardwood flooring material only, or repairing, at our option.


The Warranty provided will not be honoured in the event of:
• Damage due to improper transportation, storage, installation, extreme indoor conditions [extreme heat, dryness or moisture], extreme sunlight, poor workmanship by installer, bumps and/or dimples illusion created by nailing machine and cleats or staples.
• Damage caused by the occupants or pets or any other.
• Exposure to excessive cold, heat, dryness or moisture may cause damage to the flooring.
• Due to the inherent properties of wood some contraction and expansion and small cracks


30 Year residential, 3 Year Commercial.
We warrant that the factory applied surface finish will not wear through for a period of: 30 years from the date of purchase, when used under normal residential traffic conditions, or 3 years from the date of purchase, when used under light commercial direct entry points to outside areas or where grit can be carried onto the floor by pedestrian or other traffic and where no water is allowed on the floor. Light commercial uses are limited to applications such as business offices, clothing and/or toy stores in shopping malls. These warranties apply on the condition that regular and preventative maintenance have been carried out as recommended.. Finish warranty excludes any indentations, scratches or surface damage caused by lack of proper maintenance, misuse, negligence, accidents, spiked-heeled shoes, water, wet mopping, erosion, pebbles, sand, other abrasives, insufficient prevention and/or protection. The surface wear must be readily visible and cover at least ten percent [10%] of the surface area and not able to be rejuvenated as recommended by us. Color and Gloss change or reduction is not considered surface wear. Use of floor care products other than those recommended by us may damage your floor and void the warranty. CHECK LIST and Conditions that must be complied with for the warranty to apply. • We cannot be held responsible for any floor damage resulting from use of inadequate tools or damage during installation and/or maintenance.
• Prior to installation, cooling/heating system must be in operation, and room temperature must have been maintained at 22°C ±3°C for at least one week.
• To avoid any moisture-related damage, sub-floors must be dry and well ventilated.
• Relative humidity must be maintained around 55% [between 40% and 70%] at all times.
• Sub-floor moisture level check – Wooden sub-floor moisture content must not exceed 12%
• The moisture content difference between the pre-finished flooring and sub-floor must be less than 3%. If sub-floor moisture content is too high, do not installation, find moisture source and correct it if needed, raise heat and increase ventilation until the required conditions are met.
• DO NOT INSTALL ON CONCRETE that is over 3% moisture content without a perfect water and water vapour seal from the concrete and walls surrounding.
• Owner and installer are solely and jointly responsible for pre-installation sub-floor check including moisture level and must ensure that all the installation instructions are complied with.
• Installation over heated sub-floors will result in some cracking of the surface. This warranty specifically excludes claims for cracking or splitting when installed over heated sub-floors.
You must complete the form below with all of the information needed for your warranty to apply. This must be done within 30 days of the floor being installed. The warranty is from the date of purchase and not the date of installation. If the installation takes place more than 14 days from the date of purchase, YOU MUST CHECK THE WOOD MOISTURE CONTENT BEFORE INSTALLING THE FLOOR and RECORD THIS on the Warranty Registration Document.
Failure to provide complete information will mean statutory warranties only will apply.