Kempas Timber Floor

Source: By:Jacky Update:06-24-2011







Kampas (also known as : Koompassia excelsa) is very popular floorboard.

This type of floor is mainly light red to reddish brown. Red is a bright, warm, magnificent colour. It is dynamic and passionate can give people the courage, faith and vitality. Although the red has great influence, but the interior has to be careful choose in the application, if used just right, the entire home will become warm and enthusiastic, if used excessively, they would feel visual fatigue, and even painful stimuli.because the product’s quality and colour, so there is no special smell and looks more elegant. The texture itself is a vertical floor-shaped cross, and the distribution is relatively regular and uniform.  it is more personal material, looks more elegant.

This floor is the part of low-priced solid wood flooring. And the colors are wild type. It is modern and simple style of European-style garden or you can choose this floor. And the discounted price is also affordable, this is a good choice for wages-earner.

Note that the solid wood floor in the usual care is best not to wet mop,  try to avoid contact with large amounts of water. Solid wood floor with water is easily cracking and deformation. Therefore, in addition to the maintenance of solid wood flooring with a wet mop, the special cleaning detergent will be a lot easier.